Ever wanted to build the next Snapchat? Program a drone? Build a website that connects people across the globe? Come to HackTJ and work with your friends to build something cool, learn new tricks, and have a fantastic time!

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$2,524 in prizes
Cryptocurrency logo Prizes paid in cryptocurrency

Best Overall Hack

Our HackTJ 9.0 Grand Prize Winner! Each member of the winning team gets a pair of Beats Studio Buds.

Best Beginner Hack

All team members must be in their first year of programming. Each member of the winning team gets a GoCube Rubiks Cube.

Best Mobile App

Any standalone application. Each member of the winning team gets a Fitbit Charge 5.

Best Web App

Any website or application that runs in a browser. Each member of the winning team gets a JBL Flip 5 speaker.

Best Design Hack

Each member of the winning team gets a Wacom Intuos drawing tablet.

Best Social Impact Hack

Each member of the winning team gets a Logitech MX Master mouse. As a bonus, HackTJ will donate $100 to a charity of the winning team's choice!

Eastbanc: Red Cross Challenge

Create a hack which will provide some sort of humanitarian aid. For example, it could be an app to locate special medical facilities, or it could be a blood donation cryptocurrency.

Eastbanc: TERRAiQ Challenge

TERRAiQ is our own startup - it's a cloud-based business intelligence platform that uses real-time mobile tracking to power vehicle and asset management solutions. TERRAiQ could be a base for the next Uber or delivery tracker. For this challenge, create a hack that could assist the world with the current supply chain issues.

Eastbanc: Washington Post Challenge

Create a project which helps organizations, such as the Washington Post, to battle misinformation.

MLH: Best Domain Name from Domain.com

Register a .Tech domain name using Domain.com during the weekend for your chance to win a PowerSquare Qi Wireless Phone Charger for you and each member of your team! Each team may submit one entry per person on the team. The more creative the domain the better!

MLH: Best Use of DeSo
Cryptocurrency logo

DeSo is the official Web3 sponsor of the MLH Hackathon League and the first Layer 1 blockchain custom-built for decentralized social media applications. While a blockchain like Avalanche costs $0.50+ to store just a 200-character post, the DeSo blockchain is built with custom indexing and storage optimizations which make it 10,000X cheaper to store social content on-chain! In order to qualify for the contest, you must launch an app that writes to the DeSo blockchain and implements DeSo identity. While social media apps are a great fit for DeSo, you can also build financial apps, marketplaces, and more on the DeSo blockchain. For inspiration on project ideas, you can check out some of the existing 200+ apps already live on DeSo at Bithunt.com as well as our DeSo APIs. The Best Use of DeSo gets $100 worth of $DESO coin & an exclusive DeSo branded tumbler!

MLH: Most Creative Use of GitHub

GitHub is one of the best ways to collaborate, push code, get feedback, and show the world what you’ve built during a hackathon. To take it a step further, GitHub is now offering you access to industry tools, events & learning resources through something called GitHub Global Campus. Win this weekend’s Most Creative Use of GitHub prize category, first by signing up for GitHub Global Campus and second by using a GitHub repository to host your hackathon project’s code! Make sure your use of GitHub stands out with a detailed ReadMe page, meaningful pull requests and collaboration history, and even a GitHub pages deployment!

MLH: Most Creative Use of Twilio

Twilio allows you to incorporate mobile messaging, phone calls and a ton of other awesome communication features right into your hackathon project using a web service API. Are you building an e-commerce website and want to send text notifications or email confirmations once an order is completed? Or maybe you'd like to verify users based on their mobile numbers? Twilio makes all this possible and more. Build a hack that simplifies your life using any Twilio API for a chance to win some awesome prizes! Get started with $50 in free credit!

Devpost Achievements

Submitting to this hackathon could earn you:


Joe Judge

Joe Judge

Judging Criteria

  • Innovation
    Does your product introduce a new approach or perspective, technical, analytical, or visual?
  • Functionality
    Does the product function as intended? Is it robust and easy to interact with?
  • Design
    Is the hack aesthetically pleasing? Does the design of the hack elevate its message?
  • Technical Complexity
    Does the hack demonstrate good understanding of the technologies used? Did the hackers challenge themselves?

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