What if I don’t know how to code?

Attend Workshops! We will be hosting several workshops teaching beginner-level computer science concepts and others on more advanced concepts. We also have mentors to guide you! Ask for any help in the #request-a-mentor HackTJ 9.0 Slack channel!

Where will Workshops and other activities be held?

We will be sending out location information for workshops and activities throughout the hackathon in the HackTJ 9.0 Slack. How do I sign up to participate in games and competitions? We will be sending out Google Form Signup links in the HackTJ 9.0 Slack before every game or competition!

What do I need to submit to Devpost?

Hackers should submit a project description README and add all team members to the project. Make sure to select the prize category that you are submitting your project to on the last page of the submission form! You may also include a link to your Github Repository.